Fishmeal Industry

ASTW – Fishmeal and Rendering Plants

A & S Thai Works Co., Ltd. is a leading designer and manufacturer of fishmeal and rendering plants in Asia Pacific, Since 1986, we have delivered, installed and commissioned more than 260 complete plants. As of 2015, nearly all are still running.

LFP and OFP, Lean Fish and Oily Fish for Asia

ASTW invented the LFP-Lean Fish Plant - for Asian operations in 1986 and have improved the techmology ever since. OFP - Oily Fish Plants are especially laid out for operation in Asia; Simplicity and Reliacility.

ASTW give a 3 Year Warranty for all plants in South East Asia.

ASTW solve environmental and smell problems clue to wide experience gained from supplying 13 plants to Australia, a country with some of the strictest environmental regulations in the world.